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    Updated: 1/29/24

Maui Superbowl Pool Squares

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Completed Bracket Posted!

Maui Bracket

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Conference Championships Review

Another Pac-Man!! on the NFC side. TooHep (#7) in the 'A' Bracket and Curt (#15) in the 'B' both got their 2nd steal in this year's Playoffs by swiping the 49ers from Fred (#21) in the 'A' and Mo (#22) in the 'B'. Detroit didn't lose for them. Both are on their way to Las Vegas and Superbowl LVIII...

 Over in the AFC, the Chiefs won and covered all the way. Jack (#8) beat Dan (#1) in the 'A' Bracket while Michelle (#23) took out Gil (#6) in the 'B'. They have one more game to win, and cover, to claim their Superbowl LVIII cash...


Superbowl LVIII

It's simply down to this: Jack (#8), and the Kansas City Chiefs, vs TooHep (#7) and his San Francisco 49ers (lol) in the 'A' Bracket. In the 'B' Bracket it's Michelle (#23) with Kansas City vs Curt (#15) and his 49ers (lol). The early line has the 49er's as a slight favorite but that could change over the next 2 weeks...

It's (almost) TIME!!!  Viva Las Vegas, Baby!


Two Post Season Superbowl Tournaments.
Top 28 Regular Season Finishers Have Made the Playoffs.

After the Wild Card games, check 'The Playoffs: Latest Line/Game Times' for the latest odds and watch the 'Brackets' to track your team's progress.  

  All games subject to point spread. Underdog spread winner takes favorite spread loser's team. If the line is not on a 1/2 point by the day of the game, the favorite must give the underdog an additional 1/2 point. This is to eliminate possible point spread ties. Line locked approx. 11:30am on the day of your game.

Superbowl 'A' Winner: $450.00
Superbowl 'B' Winner: $250.00

Good Luck!

Final Week Review

Dan won on Sunday Night to capture Back-to-Back Season Championships, and a likely 'bye' until the Divisional Round of the Playoffs. Domination...

Jake had a clean shot at 1st Place in the final game of the Season but came up just short of the Championship belt. He did clinch Season 2nd Place and, also, a likely 'bye' until the Divisional Round of the Playoffs

Dave drafted behind Jamie just long enough to slingshot past her, in the final week of the Season, and grab 3rd Place. Jamie was in the top three for 5 of the last six weeks, I guess she peaked too soon.

The last game of the year was not only pivotal for the Season Standings, it was the Week decider for Curt. He won his first weekly prize of the Season on the final game of the year.

After dwelling in the Playoffs Jailhouse for 10 weeks out of the last 11, Gary busted out at exactly the right time. Welcome to the Playoffs, Gary! 

One more tip of the cap to Drew and Kathy who 'survived' the Survivor Pool wars ...

And to Jason, who clinched the Margin Pool on the final week of the pool. Well done!

Week #18 Lowlights:

             Time for the 'Big Goodbye' to the Jailhouse Four.              

Better Luck Next Year...

Bad luck, at the worst time, for Felipe. He got nabbed in the final Week of the Season and will spend the Playoffs tournament in the Playoff Jailhouse. That's what happens when you don't have a seat when the music stops. Tough luck, Felipe. Now you can pull for Lynn.

Regular Season Over...


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Pool Rules:

Important changes and reminders are highlighted in yellow, please review. Any new players should read it all. It will be posted for reference all season. Good luck in '23.

      Season Entry Fee: $170.
           (About $9.50 each week of 18 NFL regular season weeks)
   32 Players x $170.00 =

$200 X 18 Weekly Winners:


Season 1st Place:


Season 2nd Place:


Season 3rd Place:


Season Champion's Trophy:




Superbowl "A" Winner:


Superbowl "B" Winner:







The Book is back for 2023. This year, the rules will be nearly the same as 2022. The Weekly winner prize remains $200 (instead of the $100 from seasons past). The Season Champion's share is now $650 with 2nd place up to $300 (due to the Monday Night Football pool being discontinued). Playoff tournament prizes have increased as well (see above). As always, all money paid into the 'Book' is paid out to players.

Weekly and Season Standings Are Based on Points:

Players assign each NFL pick a 'Confidence Point' bet. Highest confidence bet is worth 16 points, lowest is 1 point (if 16 games played that week) Points awarded for win, no points deducted for loss. For Weekly Standings, 1st tiebreaker is 'Wins', 2nd tiebreaker is the Monday night total score . For Season Standings, 1st tiebreaker is 'Wins', no 2nd tiebreaker.


Post Season Playoffs:

Two Post Season Superbowl Tournaments
Top 28 Regular Season Finishers Make the Playoffs

Players choose their teams in order of their final Season standings, starting with 1st place and continuing until 28th place. Each player can select ONE team only and may choose from EITHER playoff pool.

All games subject to point spread. Spread winner takes spread loser's team. If the line is not on a 1/2 point by the day of the game, the favorite must give the underdog an additional 1/2 point. This is to eliminate possible point spread ties. First week playoff line is now locked in the first Tuesday before Wildcard weekend instead of Monday. Players have been able to get their team selections made faster lately, so now the 'Wildcard Weekend' line will have a better chance to settle out a little before they're locked in (see above for new payouts).


Side Pools:

Both Side Pools are $20 Each and are Completely Optional.

Survivor Pool:


(Reminder: Tie Games are NOT a loss.)

Pick ONE team each week that you are sure will win (or tie). You can play a team only ONCE all season, so you might want to look ahead in the schedule to see if you're choosing the right spot to pick them. Survivor/Margin pools have a selection box showing the teams you have already used on the website 'Picksheet'. Survivor ends after Week #18. No final tiebreaker. If there's more than 1 'Survivor', each will evenly split the pot. Even if you have one loss, you still get a full share. Straight up ties aren't a loss. Just Survive, Bay-Bee!!

Missed or Duplicate Pick in Survivor is a LOSS.


Margin Pool:


Pick ONE team each week that you think will win by the largest margin of points over their opponent, and you get that number of points added to your season total. Lose, and that amount is deducted from your total. End of season tiebreaker is Total Wins. You can play a team only ONCE all year, so you might want to look ahead in the schedule to see if you're choosing the right spot to pick them. Survivor/Margin pools have a selection box showing the teams you have already used on the website 'Picksheet'. 

 The Margin Pool Ends After Week #17.

Missed pick in Margin Loses 5 Points (Doh! Penalty)

Duplicate pick in Margin Loses 5 Points (Bonehead Penalty)

Both side pools are optional participation. Payouts are based on total number of entries.


Missed Weekly Picks:

 If you can't get your picks in, for whatever reason, don't worry, you're covered, The Commish will enter a computer generated 'Quickpick' for you and use your previous week's Tiebreaker (except for final Week of the Season). Please, don't use it as a season 'strategy'. You can still use the 'quickpick strategy', just push the "Random' Picks" button on the Website Picksheet'. If you're a 'Survivor/Margin' player you'll get a loss; unless you text me your Survivor/Margin pick(s) before the Picksheet closes. Just a reminder: Any missed pick prior to the Picksheet closing will lose the game and the lowest confidence point amount available.


The PayPal payment system has worked great and will continue, but I will accept checks as long as you don't mind waiting a 'lil longer for your winnings. I will also accept Zelle payment. Email or text and I'll send you my mailing address and/or Zelle account info.. There's a link on the Book website that will take you to the Book PayPal account. It's completely separate from the Book, is on PayPal's website, and is totally secure. If the 'Book' website shows as "Not Secure" on your browser, I now have an SSL certificate. You may need to update your link to the site to: Use the '' link below (it's updated) and bookmark the site. Anyway, no money or personal data is ever shared here 

*Check the time/date on bottom of 'Player Picks' page if you don't see your picks there. If the time/date is before you submitted your picks, they haven't been uploaded yet. It's not automatic.

The Player Picks and Weekly Standings pages will show the MNF tiebreaker scores as 'N/A' until the Sunday games are completed. That's because the tiebreaker score skews the standings by using the lowest score to break ties too early. The tiebreakers will show before the MNF game is played. 

Just a reminder: You can re-submit your picks anytime before a game begins as long as the Picksheet hasn't closed. Any missed Thursday Night game (or any game before the Picksheet closes) will be counted as a loss and a loss of your lowest point value still available. Quickpicks (when necessary) will cover all day Sunday and Monday Night, it's final. A FULL week quickpick (incl. Thurs - Mon) is only available if Commish is notified in advance by email or text (it happens).


Just a reminder: You can use a nickname or alias instead of your full name. Just email or text me your change and I'll update your player name.

As always, let me know by text or email whether you're In or Out this year. The deadline for entry fees is a few days before the first game of the season. There's a countdown on the header of the website, but please, don't wait until then to send your entry fee. There are folks who would like to join but sometimes it takes time to link up. There's now a Sign-Up Form on the main page for any new players. If you have a new player who would like to join, have them fill out the short form and submit, I'll get it and priority will be assigned in order received.

The Website:

Everything you need to play is located on the website. Check it out...

If you had problems getting an email copy of your picks last year, get an @gmail account. You may only use it for the Book but it's free and works. If you don't mind not getting an email copy of your picks you can just keep your regular email name (so I'll recognize it's you) and type: at the end. If you didn't have a problem in 2022, you should still be good for 2023. 


This year it's the Detroit Lions at
Kansas City Chiefs, September 7th, 5:20pm - NBC.

If I have forgotten anything, or you still have questions, contact me at:


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